Art Experience

Explore the world through art.

Felted Rocks...the transformation of ordinary materials

Felt is like no other textile medium-


•Begin with a clean, smooth rock. Wrap the rock with small amounts of loose roving wool, using wisps and fluffs in different colors. Bits of well-shredded yarn can be added too. Continue wrapping the rock until it is completely covered and puffy.

•Stretch a nylon stocking over the rock, and tie a knot as close as possible to the wool covered rock. Dip the rock in warm soapy water.
•Cover your hands in liquid soap, and rub the rock while in the water, molding and squeezing the wool to the rock with your hands. It will take about 7- 10 (or 15) minutes of rubbing soap to "felt" the wool. (The longer you rub the wool, the more felted it will become)
•Remove the stocking and continue to mold the wool around the rock while dipping in the water.

•When done, place the rock in the sun to dry. The colors of the wool will mix and shrink and harden to cover the entire rock in beautiful colors

•Also felting soap is similar, just use a bar of soap instead of the rock-

Suppliers of Wool Roving:
Dharma Trading
Waldorf Supplies

The experience of fiber art develops and nurtures imagination and creativity (intelligence), eye/hand coordination (writing skill), expression of feelings and ideas (language) and the concept that ideas have value (self-esteem)


Bubble Wrap Fun

Besides the fun of popping them, bubble wrap is a fun art medium. 2 easy things to do to make art with bubble wrap:

. Take a long length of bubble wrap and tape the ends to a table so it is lying flat. Let your child choose paint colors or mix her/his own palate of colors and paint on top of the bubble wrap. Use paper to make a print by placing it on top of the the painted bubble wrap and gently pat the paper, remove and see the beautiful print. A damp sponge can be used to remove old paint so the bubble wrap can be repainted. Try using different kinds of paper, copy paper, newspaper, card stock, anything you have around.

• For the full body painting experience, try cutting pieces of bubble wrap to fit around arms, legs and the middle of the child (or your) body. Tape in place. Take turns painting each other and then roll your painted bubble wrapped body onto butcher paper on the ground or taped to a wall or fence. Rolls of brown painters paper can be found inexpensively at home improvement stores in the paint department.. You can also cover the soles of shoes with bubble wrap. It might not produce great art, but it most certainly will produce a very fun time!


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