Imaginative Play

Children's imaginations are endless. One day they are a Super Hero, the next a Dog Doctor and then a rock star. An easy way to enlarge on this kind of play is to have a few prop boxes available.

Prop Boxes

Things you might include: -

• Pieces of fabric, to tie into capes or cut a neck circle in the middle of a 2x2 square of fabric to create a changeable costume which can be belted with another strip of fabric. Fabric stores carry remnants and fancy glittery cloth that beckons to children.

• Thrift stores can provide more costume items with hats, purses and other small items to wear. They are also a good source for old kitchen wooden bowls, fake fruit.

• Pizza parlors will usually part with a few take-out boxes so kids can use when they make menus, create pizzas out of paper or cutting out pictures of food from a magazine to play restaurant in.

• Smart and Final carries chef hats, tip trays, plastic menu holders and bright colored food baskets. Supplement a restaurant box with some wooden spoons and other items you find in your kitchen.

• If you know anyone in the medical field; you might obtain some old xrays, stethoscopes or other equipment. Children love using their dolls or stuffed animals as patients. Bandaids, sterile gauze and some old baby blankets round out the box.

• Office play is another easy to assemble box. An old computer keyboard, broken or usable calculator, scratch pads of paper and pens and pencils, an old briefcase, old phone and a bunch of junk mail and your child is in business.

Once you start looking around, you'll be amazed how many things you'll find to keep their active imaginations busy.

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